Catechesis (education and teaching)

14 Custom

The ultimate goal of Christian catechesis is to prepare believers for holy life in Christ Jesus and preserve them for the day of salvation. The primary biblical tools to achieve this task are God's Word (2 Timothy 3:13), Mercy (Titus 2:11-13), and Law (Exodus 20; Matthew 5-7). 


Word Meaning
בין être intelligent
διδάσκω enseigner
למד enseigner, apprendre, entraîner
שׂכל comprendre
πείθω persuader, convaincre
מוּסָר discipline, châtiment
ירה diriger, enseigner; jeter, tirer, poser; être stupéfait
יסר discipliner ; châtier
μανθάνω apprendre
παιδεύω éduquer, former