Man and woman are one flesh (Genesis 2:24)

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The content of this passage describes the establishment of the institution of marriage and the creation of a new family unit. It sets forth the foundational principle that when a man and a woman enter into the covenant of marriage, they are to leave their parents and become united, both physically and emotionally, as one.

The theological message of Genesis 2:24 highlights the sanctity and importance of the marital bond in God's design for human relationships. It emphasizes the idea that marriage is not only a social or legal contract but also a sacred union created by God. Furthermore, the "one flesh" phrase is also a reference to the sexual union between husband and wife, underlining the intimate connection that is meant to exist within the marital relationship.


Word Meaning
עַל upon, above; against
כֵּן so, thus
עזב leave, abandon
אִישׁ man; somebody; human being; each one
אֵת accusative
אָב father
הוּא he
וְ and
אִם if; when
דבק cling, cleave to