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Before Abraham Was, I Am (John 8:48-59)

In this passage, Jesus engages in a heated dialogue with the Jewish leaders. The Jews accuse Jesus of being a Samaritan and possessed by a demon, to which Jesus responds that he honors his Father, while they dishonor him. He further states that anyone who keeps his word will never see death. The...


They have greatly oppressed me from my youth (Psalm 129)

Psalm 129 is a part of songs of ascents, traditionally recited by Israelites during pilgrimages to Jerusalem. This psalm reflects on the persistent oppression of Israel by its enemies and acknowledges divine deliverance. The psalm begins with the psalmist recalling Israel's long history of...


Blessed are All Who Fear the Lord (Psalm 128)

Psalm 128 is a song of ascents, part of a collection of psalms sung by Jewish pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. It is a concise poem, rich in blessings and promises for those who fear Yahweh and walk in his ways. The theological message of the psalm emphasizes the importance of piety and the fear...




Early Christian hymns found in the New Testament are thought to be fragments of the oral tradition that preceded the written texts. These hymns served as a way for early Christians to express their devotion, honor, and praise to God. These poetic passages offer insight into the theology, beliefs,...


Marriage is an important institution in the Bible, and several key passages address it. Marriage, as a sacred covenant, reflects the unbreakable bond between God and His people, emphasizing the importance of lifelong commitment and faithfulness. It serves as a means for procreation, companionship,...


The term heptad comes from the Greek word for "seven" and is used to refer to groups or series of seven in various contexts. In the context of the Biblical book of Revelation, heptads refer to several sets of seven that are significant in the symbolism and structure of the text. These...