Pastoral Care (Cure of Souls)

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The term pastoral care comes from latin cura animarum and from the activity itself. This ministry reflects Jesus' pastoral attributes in practical service to the world (neighbors). It is based on texts such as Matthew 22:37-40 or Matthew 25:35-40. Its primary goal is ministry towards Christians to live joyfully in the growth of faith and discipleship of Jesus Christ for the entire life in the corpus of the church.


Word Meaning
παρακαλέω entreat, exhort, comfort
ἡγέομαι lead; think
μεριμνάω care for; have anxiety
ποιμήν, ένος, ὁ a shepherd
ἐλέγχω expose
καταρτίζω restore, put in order; prepare, make, create
ποιμαίνω tend, shepherd
βόσκω graze; tend, herd
προΐστημι lead, manage; rule, direct