Hebrew alphabet

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Hebrew alphabet
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The Hebrew alphabet has 22 basic letters. It is primarily composed of consonants because vowels are the later addition to transcribe correct pronunciation.


Word Meaning
א - (ʼalef)
ב ,בּ b (bet), v (vet)
גּ ,ג g (gimel)
דּ ,ד d (dalet)
ה h (he)
ו w (vav)
ז z (zayin)
ח h (het)
ט t (tet)
י y (yod)
ך ,כ ,כּ k (kaf), ch (chaf)
ל l (lamed)
ם ,מ m (mem)
ן ,נ n (nun)
ס s (samech)
ע - (ʻayin)