Greek alphabet

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Greek alphabet
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The Greek alphabet has 24 letters. It is composed of both consonants and vowels. Today it is also used for technical symbols and labels.


Word Meaning
Α α a (Alpha); erste
Β β b (Beta)
Γ γ g (Gamma)
Δ δ d (Delta)
Ε ε e (Epsilon)
Ζ ζ z (Zeta)
Η η e (Eta)
Θ θ th (Theta)
Ι ι i (Iota)
Κ κ k (Kappa)
Λ λ l (Lambda)
Μ μ m (My)
Ν ν n (Ny)
Ξ ξ ks (Xi)
Ο ο o (Omikron)