Latin: Basic Vocabulary in the New Testament (300 Most Frequent Words )

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The exercise contains words that occur 50 times or more in the New Testament. Mastering this vocabulary will give you an ability for basic reading of the New Testament in the Latin language.


Word Meaning
et and, also
sum to be
in in, into
qui who, which
is he
tu you
dico to say
autem but, yet
non not
ego I
ille that one, he
deus God
hic this
omnis every, all
ut that, when
ad to, toward
facio to make, do
jesus Jesus
enim for, indeed
ab from, by
quia because, that
suus his
de from, about
dominus lord, master
venio to come
habeo to have
cum with
video to see
ipse he, himself
sed but
si if
meus my
christus anointed, christ; Christ
homo man
ex from, out of
filius son