Final Battle (Revelation 19:11-21)

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Millennium: Destruction of the dragon and the enemies (Revelation 20:1-15)

The section of 20:1-15 could be labeled in various ways. If we choose the title Millennium, our perspective will focus on the part of the events described in relation to this frame. The text speaks of a period of one thousand ears in regard to heavenly kingdom and its earthly realization during the...


Davidic Messiah (Psalms of Solomon 17:1-51)

This very famous psalm (among the NT scholars) describes a Davidic, messianic figure who will purge Jerusalem of Gentiles. The psalm is important for christology studies in that it unveils messianic hopes among some branches of early Judaism. It promotes a belief that the messiah would soon come to...


Praise the Lord, my soul (Psalm 104)

This psalm praises the act of creation. It is composed as a prayer to God, celebrating what he has done in his creative power.  The crucial aspect of this creation account is that the creation is habitable and liveable. It is Lord who guarantees that everything works toward prosperity and life,...


Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good (Psalm 136)

This is a responsive psalm where the community answers back to the deeds of praise on God. The first topic is the creation for which God receives the praise. The following topic is the Exodus and the way to the Promised land. These are the main events in the history of God's people, in which the...