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Creation Vocabulary LXX

Creation Vocabulary from the LXX


Definite article - Eng to Gk

Writing the definite article

Definite article - Gk to Eng

Parsing the definite article

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GGD Verb 1 - Present Active Indicative of λύω

Conjugation of λύω in Present Active Indicative. --- Some other verbs that are declined like λύω: ἄγω, ἀκούω, βάλλω, βλέπω, διδάσκω, ἔχω, λαμβάνω, λέγω.

GGD Verb 2 - Present Active Indicative of φιλέω

Conjugation of φιλέω in Present Active Indicative. φιλέω belongs to a group of verbs called -εω verbs and conjugate like λύω, but the weak -ε at the end of the stem (φιλε-) combine with the vowel of the ending (example φιλε- + ετε = φιλειτε). This combining of vowels is called contraction....