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Beginning Greek II

Beginning Greek II vocabulary

Beginning with New Testament Greek (Plummer & Merkle)

Vocabulary from “Beginning with New Testament Greek” by Plummer and Merkle


Conjunctions (All)

Excluding three hapax legomenon, there are only 26 conjunctions used in the New Testament. Together these 26 make up 11.86% of the NT text with a total of 16,727 occurrences. Over half of these is the word καί (“and”).

Creation Vocabulary LXX

Creation Vocabulary from the LXX


Definite article - Eng to Gk

Writing the definite article

Definite article - Gk to Eng

Parsing the definite article

Definite Article Drill

Basic practice of the 18 definite articles in Greek, to practice instant recognition of gender, number, and case.

Deponent Verbs (All)

Deponent verbs can be tricky to decipher and understand as their form doesn't conform to the usual rules, but there are thankfully only 34 different types, making up a hefty 2.5% of the New Testament. Eight occur more than 100 times (and γίνομαι and ἔρχομαι each occur more than 600 times). The...