Preaching and Baptism of John the Baptist (Mark 1:4-8)

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John the Baptist is described as a prophet who prepares the way for the coming of Jesus Christ. His depiction as ascetic and excentric person is a reminisence of a prophetic archetype of Eliah.

John preaches a baptism of repentance and forgiveness, calling people to confess their sins and turn away from their transgressions in preparation for the appearance of Jesus. 

The passage also highlights the spiritual quality that Jesus will bring, indicating that his baptism will be with the Holy Spirit, representing a new era of promised spiritual transformation.


Word Meaning
γίνομαι to happen, become
Ἰωάννης, ου, ὁ John
ὁ, ἡ, τό the
βαπτίζω wash, baptize
ἐν in (with D)
ἔρημος, ον desert
καί and
κηρύσσω proclaim; announce
βάπτισμα, τος, τό dipping; baptism
μετάνοια, ας, ἡ repentance
εἰς to; in (with A)
ἄφεσις, εως, ἡ pardon
ἁμαρτία, ας, ἡ sin
ἐκπορεύομαι to come, go out
πρός towards; near, at, by (with A)