Word Meaning Occurrences
μνάομαι remember, recollect; court
ἕνεκεν on account of, because
אַחַד עָשָׂר eleven (masculine)
אַחַת עֶשְׂרֵה eleven (feminine)
תְּשִׁיעִית ninth (feminine)
עֲשִׂירִית tenth (feminine)
εἶ you are (sg.)
ἐστί(ν) he is
ἐσμέν we are
ἐστέ you are (pl.)
εἰσί(ν) they are
εἶναι to be
ἔσομαι I will be
ἔσῃ you will be (sg.)
ἔσται he will be
ἐσόμεθα we will be
ἔσεσθε you will be (pl.)
ἔσονται they will be
ἔσεσθαι to be (future infinitive)
ἦς (ἦσθα) you were (sg.)
ἦμεν, ἦμεθα we were
ἦτε you were (pl.)
ἦσαν they were
τεσσερασάκις forty times
I may be
ᾖς you may be
he may be
ὦμεν we may be
ἦτε you may be
ὦσιν they may be
σαρκόω to make to look like flesh
συμπροσκυνέω worship (together)
ἐνανθρωπέω take on human form
ἀποστολικός, ή, όν apostolic
אֹתִי me
אֹתְךָ you (m. sg.)
אֹתָךְ you (f. sg.)
אֹתוֹ him
אֹתָהּ her
אֹתָנוּ us