Aramaic: Frequency Vocabulary (20 And More Occurrences)

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The exercise contains words that occur 20 times or more in the Old Testament. Mastering this vocabulary will give you an ability for basic reading of the Old Testament in the Aramaic language.


Word Meaning
דִּי what
מֶ֫לֶךְ king
מִן from, out of
עַל on, upon; against
אֱלָהּ God
כֹּל all
אֲמַר to say, command
לְ for, to
כְּ‍ like, as
לָא not, no
הֲוָה to be, happen
אֶדַיִן then
מַלְכוּ kingdom
בְּ in
וְ and
יְדַע to know
בַּ֫יִת house
דְּנָה this
קֳדָם before, in front of
שְׁמַיִן heaven, sky
קוּם to stand
עַד up, to, until
חֲזָה to see, perceive
פְּשַׁר interpretation
עֲנָה to answer
טְעֵם command; to feed
קֳבֵל before, in front of; to receive
יְהַב to give
עֲבַד to do, make
שִׂים to set, lay, put
אֱנָשׁ mankind
מִלָּה word
רַב great
דְּהַב gold
בְּנָה to build
עִם with