Řečtina: Frekvenční slovní zásoba (8-6 výskytů)

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Custom training

The exercise contains words that occur between 8 to 6 times in the New Testament. Mastering this vocabulary will increase your ability for a more fluent reading of the New Testament in the Greek language.


Word Meaning
φύλλον, ου, τό leaf
τρώγω eat
Κυρηναῖος, ου, ὁ a Cyrenian
μάστιξ, ιγος, ἡ torment; a whip
στενάζω to sigh, groan
χειροποίητος, ον made by human hands
ὕψος, ους, τό height, high place; heaven; pride
σκοπέω look for, notice
ἐγκακέω lose enthusiasm, become discouraged
Ναθαναήλ, ὁ Nathanael
ὅπλον, ου, τό weapon; tool
Λύστρα, ἡ Lystra
σκληρύνω harden
θνητός, ή, όν mortal
ψυχικός, ή, όν natural, unspiritual
μεσίτης, ου, ὁ mediator