Word Meaning
ἐπί on (with G, D, A); on the account of (with D); against (with A)
γῆ, γη̑ς, ἡ earth
εἰ if
παρέρχομαι go by, pass by
ἀββα abba
πατήρ, πατρός, ὁ father
πᾶς, πα̑σα, πα̑ν all
παραφέρω bring up; take/carray away
ποτήριον, ου, τό cup
οὗτος, αὕτη, του̑το this
θέλω will; wish to have
Σίμων, ωνος, ὁ Simon
ἰσχύω have strength, be able; be healthy
μή not
πειρασμός, ου̑, ὁ test, trial; temptation