Word Meaning
וְ and
הַ the
לְ to, for, in regard to
בְּ in, at (time, place); by; with; by means of
הוּא he
אֵת accusative
אֲנִי I
אַתָּה you
מִן from, out of, since
הֵם they
יְהוָה the Lord, Yhwh
עַל upon, over, above; on account of; against, opposite to
אֶל towards, in, into
אֲשֶׁר that, which
כֹּל the whole, all
אמר say, think
לֹא not
בֵּן son
כִּי yea; that, for, when
הִיא she
היה be, become, occur
אַתֶּם you
עשׂה fix; make, do; deal with
אֱלֹהִים God; god; gods
בוא bring; let come
מֶלֶךְ king
יִשְׂרָאֵל Israel
אֶרֶץ the earth; land; territory, country
יוֹם day; that day
אִישׁ man; somebody; human being; each one
פָּנֶה face; front; surface
בַּיִת house; family; interior
נתן give, put, set
עַם people; relative; kinship
אֲנַחְנוּ we
יָד hand, side, place, power, monument
הלך go, walk
דָּבָר word, deed, thing
ראה see; look at; choose; get to know
עַד while; as far as, until
אָב father
זֶה this (m.)
שׁמע hear, listen to
דבר speak
עִיר city
ישׁב sit, sit down, dwell, be inhabited
דָּוִד David
אִם if; when
יצא bring out, bring forth
הִנֵּה behold
עִם just as; together with
שׁוב return; do again
אֶחָד one (masculine)
לקח take, grasp, seize
ידע know, learn, observe
עַיִן spring; eye; look
עלה go up; seize upon; go away from; go up against
מות die
שֵׁם name
שָׁנָה year