Word Meaning
πᾶς, πα̑σα, πα̑ν all
σύ you, your
μή not
γάρ for
Ἰησοῦς, ου̑, ὁ Jesus, Joshua
ἐκ, ἐξ from (with G)
ἐπί on (with G, D, A); on the account of (with D); against (with A)
ἡμεῖς, ἡμῶν we
κύριος, ου, ὁ Lord
ἔχω have; hold
πρός towards; near, at, by (with A)
οἶδα know
γίνομαι become; be born
διά through (with G); for, therefore (with A)
ἵνα in order that; that